Stimulus Productions

Team Stimulus

We have multiple teams, which work independently. This means, we can shoot 4 projects in the same timelines and in four different territories. Our people are not only few of the highest paid people in the industry, we believe in developing them for future leadership and entrepreneurship too. So they are trained to be self-sustaining individuals, who can lead from the front, take control and deliver.

Let’s know our team better!

Syed Faisal Hashmi

Head of Initiatives / Founder

The man who turns failure into experience and stimulates experience into achieving. Driven by values and fueled by perseverance Faisal is someone who believes that limits and boundaries are manmade.

Syed Jahanzeb Ali Razvi


He is the best Producer in Pakistan today. More curious than the legendary cat, he doesn’t need fuel. His ambition and continuous battle against the odds are enough to drive him and others crazy.

Syed Azfar Mahmood

Manager Accounts & Planning

Guided by experience and observation rather than theory, he’s a true planner who knows the way of things.

Ramsha Kohati

Senior Associate Producer

Have strong opinions and she is not afraid to voice them and makes sure that she’s heard.

Syed Munir Ashrafi

Senior Editor

His mind is constantly racing with thoughts and ideas. Totally driven by curiosity and soaking up knowledge like a sponge.

Kashif Azfal Siddiqui

Manager Administration/ Production Manager

Mix of intelligence, sensitivity and emotion. Has a hidden wild side that only lucky few see.

Idrees Hussain


When that almost innocent smirk appears, you know that a vendor or two are in trouble.

Hunain Shamim

Junior Editor

19 years old and already dreaming BIG and has the drive to turn them into reality. He is the youngest member of Stimulus Family.

Shehreyar Ali Arain

Office Boy